Team Take Over


A.A which stands for Ayodele Awuna is a rapper that is part of the TTO group. His real name is Geoffrey Awoonor-Renner and he was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

During the war, A.A first found himself in The Gambia, in order to continue his education which the civil war had unfortunately disrupted. Not long after, he moved to the Uk where he would complete his secondary school and six form education.
A.A then returned to Sierra Leone when he would start his musical career.

A.A was part of a rap group called Coast to Coast, during which he went by the name of Ess Dub. However, Coast to Coast fell apart a few years later and A.A subsequently took an hiatus from rapping. Upon recently arriving in the states, A.A linked up with his longtime friend TBJ and inevitably joined the TTO team.


  • 01

    All We Got feat. Krim

    A A

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    Tipini Tapanday

    A A feat. That Boy Jay

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